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Sunday, 20 August 2017

Scrump's Dizception Sunday スクランプのディズニー内のディズニーの日曜日

Welcome to this week's Scrump's Dizception Sunday! Today, we take a look at Hercules, to find a character that belongs elsewhere in the Disney universe. Who do you think I'm talking about?

Well, remember in the Lion King, when Zazu suggests to Mufasa that Scar would make a very good rug?

Do you think he was right?



Thursday, 17 August 2017

Tokyo Disney Happiness on High 東京ディズニーハピネスオンハイ

Here is a Throwback Thursday video. In February 2014, my husband and I went to Tokyo. While there, we of course visited Tokyo Disney. It was during their Happiness Year, and there were special parades, decorations, food, and of course, fireworks. I filmed the Happiness on High fireworks show from where I was standing, just outside Mickey's Philharmagic. Here is the video.


Wednesday, 16 August 2017

The Problem With Reselling 転売の問題

We all want to proudly show off our Disney love to the world. One of the easiest ways to do that, of course, is to wear Disney clothing and apparel. In and out of the parks, you can't go past a nice pair of Mickey/Minnie ears to display your love.

It is no surprise then that the new rose gold Minnie Mouse ears flew off the shelves at Disneyland and Disney World, with Minnie lovers keen on owning a pair for themselves. Of course, as is always the case when something highly sought after is released, some people buy more than they need. They then sell it on, for more than they spent, to people who, for one reason or another, can't buy them at the parks themselves.

This is nothing new, nor is it limited only to Disney merchandise. However, it is very common with Disney, as it is loved the world over, and many people (myself included) don't have access to any parks without an international flight. 

So, for people like me, people selling merchandise online is convenient. It allows us to buy items that we may never be able to access, especially if the items are never made available on the official Disney online stores. For example, the online Japanese Disney store does not currently ship outside of Japan. However, reselling becomes very problematic when the item sells out faster due to people buying it for the purpose of reselling. It makes buying the item that much more difficult for many people, who then buy it from the resellers, because they have no other options. 

Aside from the item selling out faster, the other big problem with reselling is the inflated prices. People who resell generally do not do it just to make the item available to international buyers. They want to make a profit. So, they will buy the item, and then sell it online for much more than what the item is actually worth. And people will spend the money, because they want the item, thus reinforcing to these resellers that the item is profitable, and that they could make even more.

I want to again mention the rose gold Minnie Mouse ears. They were only recently released at Disneyland and Disney World, and sell in the parks for $24.95 American Dollars (AU$31.73). They sold out very fast, due to their popularity (and the resellers, of course), so now people are buying them online. The most expensive pair I found on the Australian eBay site cost $125 American Dollars (AU$159.86- then nearly $50 for shipping). So, they are being sold in some cases for $100 more than their retail value. Many of the ears I found on eBay were being sold for above AU$85. And people were buying them. For Australians, it is practically the only way to acquire items from the Disney Parks.

So, what do you think? Reselling has its positive aspects, as it makes merchandise available to people that it is otherwise unavailable to. On the other hand though, resellers often buy so much that they contribute to how quickly the item sells out, and then sells them for a lot more money than they are actually worth.





Saturday, 7 January 2017

Disney Diamond Celebration Merchandise ディズニーダイヤモンドセレブレーショングッズ

In July last year, my friend Amy went to Disneyland in California while she was on her trip to Comic Con. And she spoiled me! In July, Disneyland was still celebrating their Diamond Celebration, and she was able to pick up some souvenirs for me, which I received yesterday, as we hadn't seen each other in a very long time. The mug is absolutely gorgeous, and the photos don't do it justice. And the Mickey plush is very cute, continuing my tradition of collecting special anniversary outfit characters!



Sunday, 30 October 2016

Scrump's Dizception Sunday スクランプのディズニー内のディズニー日曜日

After a long break, we are back with Scrump's Dizception Sunday!!! Today, we are looking at one of Disney's more underappreciated animated movies, to find someone who definitely is not underappreciated.

Finding Mickey- Hunchback of Notre Dame

If we take a look at the image above (which I found at specific link in the caption) from the Hunchback of Notre Dame, we will see someone very familiar. In fact, we see my favourite Disney Princess, Belle, from Beauty and the Beast.

This cameo is quite fun, as both Beauty and the Beast and the Hunchback of Notre Dame take place in France, though in different cities and different times.