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Monday, 30 March 2015

A Day on the Town with... Baymax?

Hey everyone! Yesterday, my husband and I went out for the day and had a great time. I just wanted to share some of it with you!!!

So, the first thing we did was go to my favourite arcade (for those of you Sydneysiders, it is pretty close to China Town), and try to win a Disney plushie or two. There were quite a few that I wanted to win, including Christmas Tsum Tsums and a small Mickey plushie dressed like Sorcerer Mickey. Alas, I had no luck with them. However, I found a Baymax plushie that I really wanted, and after a number of tries by my husband and I, I finally won him!

After this, we decided to walk towards Town Hall so that we could find somewhere to have coffee. We found a nice little place, called My Sweet Memory, on George Street, and stopped in there. I got the cutest latte ever, and a Frozen (mixed berry flavoured) macaroon!

After this, we went to Kinokuniya, and I found a really interesting looking comic book, so I bought it.

We had a late lunch, and then headed home. I had an amazing day, with zero stress (which is rare for me), and I hope to have another day like it soon, since we are heading into uni holidays!


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