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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Meeting Mickey Mouse at Tokyo Disneyland

Meeting Mickey Mouse was definitely something that I had to do while I was at Tokyo Disney Resort, as I remember meeting him when I was a child. I came across a few chances to do so. For example, Mickey was standing at the entrance to Disney Sea in his 30th anniversary attire. But, the line to meet him was over three hours long.

Instead, we met Mickey the old fashioned way, in his house in Toon Town. We lined up to meet him when the line was only about 30 minutes long as the parade was happening at the time. So, in to Mickey's house we went. 

Mickey's House and Meet Mickey
 While we were lined up we were able to look at a lot of old Mickey Mouse memorabilia that had been set up in his home, sort of like a museum. That made the wait much shorter.

A vintage Mickey Mouse toy on display in his home
Then, just before we were to meet him, we ended up in Mickey's Movie Barn, a room with a big cinema screen in it. They were playing reviews of old Mickey cartoons, such as Steamboat Willie and Thru the Mirror. I filmed some of this.

We got to watch some others meet Mickey in front of us, and the children that were in front of us seemed so excited! It was fun to watch them. And then it was our turn.

I had my 30th anniversary Mickey Mouse plushie out so that he could be in the photo, and Mickey was very excited to see it. He kept pointing to it, and then himself! And, he hugged me, and Luke (though Luke was a little bit awkward, so I got most of the attention as I was obviously the one that wanted to be there). We had the photo taken, and then we were on our way.

Meeting Mickey Mouse was a fun experience!
It was an amazing time, and I am so glad that I got to experience it!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dream Lights

Tokyo at night is absolutely beautiful, and the same can also be said for Tokyo Disney Resort. Just because the sun has gone down does not mean that the fun must stop!

One sundown activity at Disneyland that is a must at least once is the Electrical Parade Dream Lights, which I believe is also in existence in America (though I am not sure if the floats are the same). Luckily for those who may not have the opportunity to see this, I was able to get a video of the whole thing!

About half an hour before the parade started, Luke and I went to find somewhere to view the parade. We found it at the end of the parade route, right outside of the Gag Factory. We were able to sit right at the front, and I set my camera up on a mini tripod to film the parade. 

Please enjoy!


Monday, 27 October 2014

Meeting Bill Farmer!

Earlier this year, in September, I was lucky enough to be able to attend Sydney Oz Comic-con. The entire purpose of my attendance? To meet Bill Farmer, the voice of Goofy.

I decided to cosplay as Goofy, as I figured it would be a simple and comfortable cosplay. So, I made a Goofy hat headband, and wore an orange turtleneck, black vest and blue pants. And, I wore my hair up in double pony tails, with black ribbons tied around them to be his ears.

My day started early. My mum, sister and I arrived at the venue at about 7:30am, to wait to get in at 9am. Then, once we were in, my sister and I headed straight over to the token booth. She bought lots of tokens, for lots of different celebrities that were there, but I only bought one. A photo token for Bill Farmer.

Before the time slot for this photo though, he had an autograph session. So, I went and lined up with the item I wanted him to sign- my Goofy signature from Tokyo Disney Resort! He was wearing a t-shirt with Goofy snorkling on it, and over the top was an open Disney themed Hawaiian shirt. 

He loved my cosplay! He said that in the Goofy voice. And, we had a small conversation about Disneybounding. His wife asked to take my photo, and of course I agreed! Bill Farmer was very excited to be signing a Goofy signature!

My Goofy and Bill Farmer signatures
After getting his signature, I also got a signature from Jim Cummings, AKA Winnie the Pooh. He told me to stay as sweet as honey.

This might sound weird, but after that entire experience I was deliriously happy. My mum and sister just thought that the whole thing was adorable. I have difficulty visually expressing excitement and happiness sometimes, so I think that they were just happy to see me smiling like an idiot.

There were a few hours between signatures and the photograph, so my sister (when she wasn't getting her own photos and signatures), mum and I wandered around the dealer's floor for the purpose of spending ridiculous amounts of money. This was easily achieved.

My purchases for the day- a Sorcerer Mickey plushie, Disney Traditions figure, Cheshire Cat and comic, 'Mickey Mouse Outwits the Phantom Blot'
Then came photo time! I lined up, still really excited, and when it was my turn, Bill Farmer remembered me! I suppose because I was dressed up as his character. While I was getting my photo taken, his wife took photos of us together too. I felt so happy and flattered that they appreciated my effort so much.

Bill Farmer, he was so nice!
All in all, the day was exhausting and amazing, all at once!


Sunday, 26 October 2014

Meeting Pluto at Tokyo Disney Sea

My entire trip to Tokyo Disney Resort was amazing, and I will write about it in greater detail in later posts.

This post is specifically about meeting Pluto. A CM took photos for us, and Luke even managed to get video (I really wish  that I had been able to get video of all of them. Next time I suppose) as he wasn't too busy (the line to meet Daisy was insane- she is very popular in Japan). So, enjoy!

Saturday, 25 October 2014


The other day, I went into Sydney with my friend Amy, and we did something that has become a bit of a traditional activity on our city outings. We went to our favourite arcade. I can never remember it's name, but I can tell you that it is quite close to Haymarket, in China Town.

This particular arcade often has Disney prizes, so I enjoy trying to win those. And, on my last visit, I successfully won...

Halloween Scrump!

Scrump is the doll that Lilo makes herself in the movie Lilo and Stitch. As you can probably tell, I really like Stitch, and adding Scrump to the collection is something that I have wanted to do in a while.

Anyway, winning it was slightly difficult, and competition fuelled. I took two tries to attempt to win it, and managed to get it to the very edge of the drop hatch. But, I couldn't topple it over, so I decided to look around the rest of the arcade and then come back if nothing else took my fancy. I noticed not long after that some girls were checking out that machine, specifically the Scrump that I had managed to position. But, they didn't go for it either, probably thinking the same thing I did (check around first, then go back). 

They prompted me to go back and try again. In two more tries, I got it! While I was going back over to my friend, I saw the girls returning, complaining that I got it. I felt victorious! And, I only spent $4 to get it!

But wait a minute. Did you win the big Scrump too? Well, no, I didn't. Across from the arcade is a cute store called 'Kare Bear'. Amy and I always check that store too. I came across the big Scrump, on sale, so I decided to buy it. It was about $30.

So there you have it. Not only did I add my first Scrump to the collection, but I added two, all on the same day!


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

My Disney Story

I thought that maybe I could tell you all a little bit about my Disney history.

I have loved Disney since, and this is going to sound cliché, before I can remember. I always loved the movies. And, when I was five years old, I got the opportunity to visit Disneyland, California with my family!

My Dad and I in my Disney Nursery
I remember a lot about the trip, despite how young I was. My favourite memory though would be of meeting Mickey Mouse. I loved him very much, and I was the only one out of my siblings and I who wasn't scared of him. So, up I went, and gave him a big eskimo kiss (you know, when you rub your noses together?). 

When we were there, it was Christmas time, so there were special decorations and costumes and parades. It was very cold, but I was having too much fun to notice I think.

Throughout my childhood and teen years I continued to love Disney. But, not as much as I do now. I went through a lot of difficulty during this time. I was bullied and ostracised at school, and developed depression. Watching Disney movies always cheered me up.

I met my husband when I was 16. Life started to look up. I was still struggling with my depression, but he made it so much easier.

One birthday, because I enjoyed Disney so much, Luke bought me Kingdom Hearts. I had a lot of fun playing it, and I think that this is about the time my love of Disney really started to grow. I even managed to win a game of trivia for my group thanks to a question about Donald Duck.
Luke as the Mad Hatter, and me as Alice, at our wedding

Luke and I got married on the 5th of October, 2013. We had an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding (I would have loved to have a wedding at Disney, but living in Australia, that is quite difficult). It was beautiful, and a lot of fun. Our celebrant even wore rabbit ears (as she was the White Rabbit).

In February, 2014, Luke and I went to Tokyo for two weeks for our honeymoon. I study Japanese language and culture, and really wanted to visit. Four days out of that two weeks, we were at Tokyo Disney Resort (alas, we could not afford to stay on property). I had an amazing time there. I think, that if I had known more Japanese, I probably could have made some good friends there!

While watching the Electrical Lights Parade on our first night at Disneyland, we managed to get a spot to sit right at the front, outside the Gag Factory, at the end of the parade route. We got the perfect view! But, the girl next to me was amazing! She was sitting on a Disney mat, she had a Disney lanyard on her massive camera, she had Disney straps and plushies all over her bag, and she had one of those light up Mickey wands. When she wasn't taking photos and waving at her favourite characters, she was clapping along to the entire parade! I think we probably have a lot in common!

We were there in Winter, and it was freezing. But, just like when I was a kid, I was having way too much fun to even notice (though, I did have to wear long johns and extra thick socks in my ugg boots). While we were at Tokyo Disney Resort, they were celebrating their 30th anniversary too! So, we got to see lots of exclusive decorations, costumes, menus and merchandise! It was really exciting.

Back in Australia, by my 24th birthday I was diagnosed with arrhythmia, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, Shermann's disease, and hypermobility. I had suffered from these for years, but finally learned what was going on. 

Luke is very supportive of me, as is my family, but on days when I just need a little bit extra to get by, Disney provides it for me. 

I will make more posts in the future about my Disney trips, and also about meeting Bill Farmer at Sydney Comic Con this year! I hope that you continue to experience the Disney magic!!!


Monday, 20 October 2014

New Disney DVDs

Today I went to JB Hi Fi, because my husband, Luke, said that there was supposed to be a sale. Well, I came out $20 poorer, but I was very happy with my purchases!

I bought Treasure Planet, Princess Diaries, and Saludos Amigos.

I am especially excited by Saludos Amigos! It is the 6th animated Disney film, and I have been very interested lately in classic Disney! Plus, I really love Goofy. Seeing him in another movie should be fun.

At some point, I will post a list of all of the Disney movies that I own.


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