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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The Disney Gifts That I Received.

Well, I promised that I would make a post about all of the Disney gifts that I received for Christmas, so let's get started.

Well, you already know about my Disney Hallmark figure, so I will not write about them here.

Above you can see that I received Frozen Uno, from my cousin, and there is a slip of paper inside that says she owes me one Disney shirt of my choosing. Mum gave me the Mickey Mouse PEZ dispenser, and Cinderella and Aurora, which came from Kinder Surprises. My sister gave me the snowglobe and little rubber Randal thing.

My friend Michelle gave my husband and I a calendar each. Aren't they cute?

My aunt gave me a JB Hifi giftcard, so I went and bought the above DVDs with it!

I would love to see what others received for Christmas!


Monday, 29 December 2014

Disney Hallmark Decorations

Well, Christmas is over now, and I promised that I would share some posts about the Disney gifts that I received.

We will start with these!

I had wanted these Disney Hallmark decorations as soon as I found out about them, but being $20 each, and right before Christmas, I couldn't afford them. 

My sister knew how much I wanted them though, and also knew that my favourite design was Goofy, so she got him for me for Christmas!!!

Right after Christmas I tried to find the others, but I could not at my local Coles. The Coles where my mum works didn't have any left either. But, my sister managed to find me one at her local Coles, and bought Donald for me : )

One day I would love to complete the set of five, but for now I am pretty happy with what I have!

In the next post, I will show you the rest of the Disney gifts I received!!!


Friday, 26 December 2014

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas everybody! I hope that everyone has had/will have an amazing day surrounded by loved ones, and Disney : )

Yesterday, which was Christmas Day in Australia, I went to my parents house for the day. We ate a lot of food, and when everyone had arrived, we opened our gifts. It was a lot of fun, and everyone was happy.

I did receive a few Disney gifts, which I will share with you a little later. But, everything that I received was very much appreciated. Though, it was the time with my family, with no stress and no worry, that I really enjoyed.

Today is Boxing Day, and Luke and I are having some people over. Two of these people have been a part of my life for over eight years (and for Luke, even longer) so they are truly like family to me. I love seeing them at Christmas, and I am glad that even though they both have girlfriends now, they still decided to join us.

So, keep an eye out for a post showing you all of the gorgeous Disney goodies I received : )  


Monday, 22 December 2014

Tokyo Disney Resort Sweets

While I was at Tokyo Disney Resort, I decided to buy some sweets, because I like sweet things, and I liked the tin and bag that they came in!

In Japan, as in many places in the world, it is customary to purchase souvenirs for friends, family and even co-workers when you go on a trip. In Japan, the easiest way to purchase a nice souvenir for people, that usually doesn't cost too much money (as you often have to buy a lot of them) is to buy a food that can only be bought where you visited. A local speciality.

So, food intended for souvenirs often comes in gorgeous packaging, and generally will state where it was purchased either on the label, or the packaging itself. So, my chocolate tin actually states where it is from on the front, and so did the tag on the Minnie bag (and the individual wrapping on the candies too)!

By the way, the Japanese word for souvenir is お土産 (omiyage). 
The in the word is an honorific that is used in the Japanese language to demonstrate respect. You can see it at the beginning of many words!

お金 (okane) Money
お父さん (otousan) Father
お母さん (okaasan) Mother
お酒 (osake) Alcohol

So, don't forget to buy some お土産 for your friends and family when you go on holidays!!!


Friday, 19 December 2014

Disney Fact Friday

It is time once again for Disney Fact Friday, so here we go!

Did you know that at Tokyo Disney Resort there is a CM dressed in a custodial uniform, who in fact does little mime acts to amuse crowds?

Here is a video of him, filmed and posted by 土本基子   Tsuchimoto Motoko !


Thursday, 18 December 2014

Learn Japanese with Mickey and Friends!

A while back I posted that I was interested in creating a series of posts dedicated to teaching you all a little bit of Japanese, and today I would like to introduce you to the first post in Learn Japanese with Mickey and Friends!

You see, in Japanese there are a few different alphabets. 

  1. Romaji- this is used to write out Japanese words in the English alphabet. I will be using that here to help people who cannot read the other alphabets!
  2. Hiragana- this is the phonetic alphabet of Japanese writing. Technically, you can write pretty much everything in hiragana, but that will be very difficult to read, even for native Japanese.
  3. Katakana- this is the alphabet used for loan words, ie. words that have been adapted into Japanese from other languages. In regards to Disney, you will see these a lot!
  4. Kanji- this is the symbolic alphabet of Japanese, and the most complicated. There are over 2000 common kanji used by most native Japanese. Unlike hiragana, this is not a phonetic based alphabet.
Below you will find a hiragana and a katakana chart. Don't be put off by how complicated it looks! With practice, you will learn. And, if you are purely interested in learning how to speak Japanese, then I will be using romaji in my posts, so don't you worry!

Hiragana Chart- start from the right in the bold box, and read down.
Katakana Chart- start from the right, and read down.
So, how about I teach you a phrase that you will need a lot as a Disney fan!

I love Disney!

Let's look at the vocabulary used in this sentence!

私 (watashi) is the Japanese word for I. This sentence works just as well without this, because in Japanese, sentence meaning is determined through context.

は (wa) is the subject marking particle. This is used to show what the sentence is about (in this case, it is about "I", the person saying the sentence). Even though this is the hirigana for ha, when it is used as a particle, it is always pronounced wa!

ディズニー (dizuni-) is the Japanese way of writing Disney. This word is written in katakana, as it is borrowed from English (though remember that not all katakana is for words borrowed from English- it is for words borrowed from any language other than Japanese).

大好き(daisuki) means to really like, or love something. When you are expressing whether or not you like or dislike something, you place the particle が (ga) in between the thing that you like, and the word for like. A particle is something used in Japanese language that doesn't really have an English equivalent (though, some of the particles have actual meanings that can be translated. We will look at these a little bit later).

です (desu) often goes at the end of a sentence when you are talking politely, and is called a copula verb. It translates as it is. If you wish to sound polite as you talk, then you should put this at the end your sentence (though there are exceptions, like when your sentence ends with a verb. We will see this later). If you are talking with people you are very familiar with, then you may not need to be as polite, so it can be dropped, or replaced with another version of the copula verb.

So there you go! You can now tell people that you love Disney in Japanese! Good job!

Now, I want you to remember that I myself am not fluent, and am still learning. So, this is a good opportunity to share what I have learned, and to ensure that I remember it. If you have any questions, I will do my best to answer them, and if I cannot, then I will ask my tutor for you : )

Please, if you are interested in this segment, let me know if this format worked for you, or if you would prefer a different layout!

Next time, you will be learning how to introduce yourselves!


Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Darling Disney Duds

Well, hello there everyone! And welcome to Darling Disney Duds! Today, we will be looking at the Christmas 2014 Hong Kong Disneyland outfits of our favourite dogs, Goofy and Pluto!

Yuka's Disney Life, Tumblr

Goofy is dressed head to toe in very typical Christmas attire, isn't he? He is wearing a Santa hat, a snowflake jumper, and red pants. Of course, he is Goofy, so the pants have had a rip in them, and have had to be repaired!

I love the way Disney does Pluto's special outfits. He doesn't really wear clothes, so usually his seasonal outfits consist of a special hat, or a change to his collar. In this case, it is the latter. His collar tag looks very much like a home made Christmas ornament. It is a red circular tag, with his name and a cute border drawn on in white!

How much do you love these outfits!? 

And remember, click on the link in the caption to see the source! The owner has many wonderful Disney photos that I am sure you will enjoy!


Monday, 15 December 2014

The 48th Anniversary of Walt Disney's Death

I know that we have only just celebrated the birthday of Walt Disney, but now it is the 48th anniversary of his death. So, I wanted to make a special post to commemorate this.

Walt Disney was only 65 when he died, of lung cancer, on the 15th of December, 1966. I can only imagine how the world must have reacted to the news. I am sure that many people, people he had never met, but still affected, mourned him.

He left an amazing legacy. People all over the world can quote his movies, can sing his songs, and I am sure that everyone has at least one character from a Disney movie that they absolutely adore.

I know that my life would be very different without Mickey Mouse and all of his friends. Whenever I am feeling anxious, depressed, ill, or I am in pain, Mickey always helps to put a smile on my face. What would be my happy place if I didn't have Disney?

And, let us not forget about all of the happy family memories of the Disney parks! I went when I was a child, with my family, and I went to the Tokyo Disney Resort with my husband this year, and I will always treasure the memories!

What is your favourite memory that surrounds Disney? Do you think that Walt would be proud of his legacy? Please, let me know!


Sunday, 14 December 2014

Disney Christmas Ornament

My mum popped by today to give me a random Christmas gift, so I made a quick video to show you all. I hope that you will enjoy it!



Scrump's Dizception Sunday

Well, due to being very busy this week with work and social obligations, I was unable to post on Disney Fact Friday. So, let us jump straight back into the usual routine with Scrump's Dizception Sunday!

I am sure that many of you have seen Finding Nemo. Well, there are a few appearances in Finding Nemo that you may have missed. Especially the following, if you don't like sitting through the credits!

What is he doing there?


Thursday, 11 December 2014

Disney Drawings

Lately I have been practising drawing Disney characters, and I think that I am starting to get decent at it!

Here is my drawing of Stitch!


Wednesday, 10 December 2014

My Disney Merchandise: Tokyo Disney Resort 30th Anniversary Bottle Holder

Hello everyone!

I have decided to make a video series showcasing my Disney merchandise! Some of the videos will feature only one item, and some more, depending on what I believe would be best!

So, here we go!

Today's video is about the bottle holder that I bought at Tokyo DisneySea, during the Disney Resort's 30th anniversary!

The reason I have decided to only showcase one (or a few) items per video is so that they aren't too long. I think that maybe shorter videos may be more interesting to some people : )


Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Darling Disney Duds Introduction

Hello everyone! I am sure that there are people out there that love the different outfits of Disney characters just as much as I do, so I have decided to start a new segment called Darling Disney Duds.

Here, I will showcase all sorts of different Disney outfits, whether they be from the movies, cartoons or even at the parks!

Unfortunately, I cannot access the parks, as I am Australian (next trip to TDR in 2016- I can't wait). So, I will be using photos that other people have taken, and then link you to the source. That way, maybe you can even make some new Disney friends! Just click the photo caption!

Since I was there during this celebration, perhaps I will start with the TDR 30th anniversary outfits of the two cutest couples!

Click here for photo source!

So, as you can see, their outfits were almost completely gold, with some silver and red accents!

Mickey Mouse wore a dashing gold suit, with red vest and silver bow tie, and of course his gorgeous top hat!

Minnie Mouse wore a dress that greatly resembled her common red polka dot dress, only the dress itself is gold, and the polka dots are silver, with a red waist band. Her bow matches the dress quite beautifully.

Donald, still in his sailor inspired attire, wears a gold shirt with silver stripes and red bow, and a gold sailor hat, with red and silver around the rim.

Daisy can be seen wearing a gold dress herself, quite ruffled around the bottom, underneath her red band.The dress is accented with silver patterns, with ruffles on the sleeves. Like Minnie, her bow matches her dress perfectly.

I think that these outfits were beautifully designed, and elegant enough to help celebrate such a huge milestone for Tokyo Disney Resort. 

I got to see Mickey out and about wearing this outfit, but unfortunately the line to meet him was over three hours long! 


Sunday, 7 December 2014

Minnie Mouse at Tokyo Disney

During my trip to Tokyo Disney in February this year, Luke and I met a lot of characters, one of which was Minnie Mouse. 

We met her at her Tokyo DisneySea meeting point, in the Lost River Delta, so this is the outfit that she wears there! I think she looks very cute!

While there, I was wearing my Disneyland 40th jumper under my ski jacket, so I decided to unzip that (and it was cold, so that was a demonstration of my love for Disney), to show Minnie and her attendant. They both really liked it!

If you would like, please show me your photos with Minnie Mouse in the comments section!




Scrump's Dizception Sunday

We are going back to Lilo and Stitch today!

If you look closely in Lilo's bedroom (which is really adorable by the way), you may notice someone familiar!


Saturday, 6 December 2014

Walt Disney

Well, yesterday was Walt Disney's birthday. He was born on the 5th of December in 1901! This year marks his 113th birthday.

Now, I wish to invite you to imagine a world without Walt Disney. What would our childhoods have been like without his movies? Without his characters? Without his parks? Without his belief that anything could happen? I cannot even imagine it!

Walt Disney inspired millions of people, young and old, all over the world. He encouraged their imaginations. He encouraged their curiosity. He encouraged their sense of wonder. And, he encouraged them to chase their dreams. 

So, instead of writing out facts about Walt's life today (which many of you probably already know), I want to encourage you to follow your dreams, just as Walt did. And remember, you can start with the most humble of beginnings, but that does not mean that you cannot achieve amazing things! That is a lesson I definitely learned from Walt Disney.

Happy birthday Mr. Disney!

Friday, 5 December 2014

Disney Fact Friday

Did you know that once, Walt Disney accidentaly kidnapped US president Richard Nixon?

Walt wanted to take him on the monorail, and did so, but the president's body guards were unable to get on. Technically, that constitutes kidnap.


Thursday, 4 December 2014

YouTube Channel- 土本基子   Tsuchimoto Motoko

I recently found another YouTube channel about Tokyo Disney Resort that I absolutely love! It is called 土本基子 Tsuchimoto Motoko

The videos on this channel are very interesting, and very cute! The lady who runs the channel seems to visit  TDR frequently (man, I wish that I could too...) and, I have to say that she is very lovely! Even though my Japanese is no where near perfect, she has been maintaining a very nice conversation with me on Google+, which I really appreciate!!! Thank you!

Here is one of her videos, just so that you can get an idea of the sort of thing she posts : ) 

Please enjoy, and if you like the video, please, consider subscribing to her!!!



Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Kingdom Hearts 2.5

Today I was finally able to pick up my Kingdom Hearts 2.5 preorder! YAY!!!

Kingdom Hearts is my favourite video game series, because I love Disney so much! 

Because I love it so much, I ordered the limited edition, which came with a really nice official Disney collectors pin, never before released! That is very exciting for me, as I now have my first Disney pin. Getting them in Australia is quite expensive, because of shipping mostly.

And, while I was picking up the game, I decided to buy myself a glow in the dark Olaf POP vinyl figure. I am looking forward to seeing that working later, when it is a little darker.

I have already played a little bit of Birth by Sleep, and I have to say that the HD update is very nice. Being able to play it on my TV rather than my PSP is definitely a bonus.


Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Disney Frozen Candy Collection Egg

Hey everybody! The other day, I bought a Frozen Candy Collection Egg, because I was really curious about it!


Monday, 1 December 2014

Have a Merry Disney Christmas

Well, as it is the 1st of December, I thought that I would share with you some of my new Christmas Disney merchandise that I intend to use for decorating (and in the next few days, maybe I will show you all my Christmas tree).

Here we have a Mickey Mouse plushie, dressed up like Santa Claus, and Minnie Mouse dressed as a snowman! Tomorrow I plan on buying one of Donald Duck dressed as a Christmas tree, because why wouldn't I?

One of the reasons I decided to buy these plushies was as a reward for myself, for getting a 90 out of 100 for my essay on Kingdom Hearts! If I do well at uni, I tend to reward myself with Disney.

The Disney Princess advent calendar was purchased for me by my mum. Every year she buys my siblings and I a calendar each. Unfortunately it does not have my favourite Princess on it (Belle), but oh well. I still really like it!

Are you guys planning on incorporating some Disney magic into your holiday season? Please, let me know!!!