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Monday, 15 December 2014

The 48th Anniversary of Walt Disney's Death

I know that we have only just celebrated the birthday of Walt Disney, but now it is the 48th anniversary of his death. So, I wanted to make a special post to commemorate this.

Walt Disney was only 65 when he died, of lung cancer, on the 15th of December, 1966. I can only imagine how the world must have reacted to the news. I am sure that many people, people he had never met, but still affected, mourned him.

He left an amazing legacy. People all over the world can quote his movies, can sing his songs, and I am sure that everyone has at least one character from a Disney movie that they absolutely adore.

I know that my life would be very different without Mickey Mouse and all of his friends. Whenever I am feeling anxious, depressed, ill, or I am in pain, Mickey always helps to put a smile on my face. What would be my happy place if I didn't have Disney?

And, let us not forget about all of the happy family memories of the Disney parks! I went when I was a child, with my family, and I went to the Tokyo Disney Resort with my husband this year, and I will always treasure the memories!

What is your favourite memory that surrounds Disney? Do you think that Walt would be proud of his legacy? Please, let me know!


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