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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Darling Disney Duds Introduction

Hello everyone! I am sure that there are people out there that love the different outfits of Disney characters just as much as I do, so I have decided to start a new segment called Darling Disney Duds.

Here, I will showcase all sorts of different Disney outfits, whether they be from the movies, cartoons or even at the parks!

Unfortunately, I cannot access the parks, as I am Australian (next trip to TDR in 2016- I can't wait). So, I will be using photos that other people have taken, and then link you to the source. That way, maybe you can even make some new Disney friends! Just click the photo caption!

Since I was there during this celebration, perhaps I will start with the TDR 30th anniversary outfits of the two cutest couples!

Click here for photo source!

So, as you can see, their outfits were almost completely gold, with some silver and red accents!

Mickey Mouse wore a dashing gold suit, with red vest and silver bow tie, and of course his gorgeous top hat!

Minnie Mouse wore a dress that greatly resembled her common red polka dot dress, only the dress itself is gold, and the polka dots are silver, with a red waist band. Her bow matches the dress quite beautifully.

Donald, still in his sailor inspired attire, wears a gold shirt with silver stripes and red bow, and a gold sailor hat, with red and silver around the rim.

Daisy can be seen wearing a gold dress herself, quite ruffled around the bottom, underneath her red band.The dress is accented with silver patterns, with ruffles on the sleeves. Like Minnie, her bow matches her dress perfectly.

I think that these outfits were beautifully designed, and elegant enough to help celebrate such a huge milestone for Tokyo Disney Resort. 

I got to see Mickey out and about wearing this outfit, but unfortunately the line to meet him was over three hours long! 


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