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Monday, 22 December 2014

Tokyo Disney Resort Sweets

While I was at Tokyo Disney Resort, I decided to buy some sweets, because I like sweet things, and I liked the tin and bag that they came in!

In Japan, as in many places in the world, it is customary to purchase souvenirs for friends, family and even co-workers when you go on a trip. In Japan, the easiest way to purchase a nice souvenir for people, that usually doesn't cost too much money (as you often have to buy a lot of them) is to buy a food that can only be bought where you visited. A local speciality.

So, food intended for souvenirs often comes in gorgeous packaging, and generally will state where it was purchased either on the label, or the packaging itself. So, my chocolate tin actually states where it is from on the front, and so did the tag on the Minnie bag (and the individual wrapping on the candies too)!

By the way, the Japanese word for souvenir is お土産 (omiyage). 
The in the word is an honorific that is used in the Japanese language to demonstrate respect. You can see it at the beginning of many words!

お金 (okane) Money
お父さん (otousan) Father
お母さん (okaasan) Mother
お酒 (osake) Alcohol

So, don't forget to buy some お土産 for your friends and family when you go on holidays!!!


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