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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Meeting Mickey Mouse at Tokyo Disneyland

Meeting Mickey Mouse was definitely something that I had to do while I was at Tokyo Disney Resort, as I remember meeting him when I was a child. I came across a few chances to do so. For example, Mickey was standing at the entrance to Disney Sea in his 30th anniversary attire. But, the line to meet him was over three hours long.

Instead, we met Mickey the old fashioned way, in his house in Toon Town. We lined up to meet him when the line was only about 30 minutes long as the parade was happening at the time. So, in to Mickey's house we went. 

Mickey's House and Meet Mickey
 While we were lined up we were able to look at a lot of old Mickey Mouse memorabilia that had been set up in his home, sort of like a museum. That made the wait much shorter.

A vintage Mickey Mouse toy on display in his home
Then, just before we were to meet him, we ended up in Mickey's Movie Barn, a room with a big cinema screen in it. They were playing reviews of old Mickey cartoons, such as Steamboat Willie and Thru the Mirror. I filmed some of this.

We got to watch some others meet Mickey in front of us, and the children that were in front of us seemed so excited! It was fun to watch them. And then it was our turn.

I had my 30th anniversary Mickey Mouse plushie out so that he could be in the photo, and Mickey was very excited to see it. He kept pointing to it, and then himself! And, he hugged me, and Luke (though Luke was a little bit awkward, so I got most of the attention as I was obviously the one that wanted to be there). We had the photo taken, and then we were on our way.

Meeting Mickey Mouse was a fun experience!
It was an amazing time, and I am so glad that I got to experience it!

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