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Saturday, 25 October 2014


The other day, I went into Sydney with my friend Amy, and we did something that has become a bit of a traditional activity on our city outings. We went to our favourite arcade. I can never remember it's name, but I can tell you that it is quite close to Haymarket, in China Town.

This particular arcade often has Disney prizes, so I enjoy trying to win those. And, on my last visit, I successfully won...

Halloween Scrump!

Scrump is the doll that Lilo makes herself in the movie Lilo and Stitch. As you can probably tell, I really like Stitch, and adding Scrump to the collection is something that I have wanted to do in a while.

Anyway, winning it was slightly difficult, and competition fuelled. I took two tries to attempt to win it, and managed to get it to the very edge of the drop hatch. But, I couldn't topple it over, so I decided to look around the rest of the arcade and then come back if nothing else took my fancy. I noticed not long after that some girls were checking out that machine, specifically the Scrump that I had managed to position. But, they didn't go for it either, probably thinking the same thing I did (check around first, then go back). 

They prompted me to go back and try again. In two more tries, I got it! While I was going back over to my friend, I saw the girls returning, complaining that I got it. I felt victorious! And, I only spent $4 to get it!

But wait a minute. Did you win the big Scrump too? Well, no, I didn't. Across from the arcade is a cute store called 'Kare Bear'. Amy and I always check that store too. I came across the big Scrump, on sale, so I decided to buy it. It was about $30.

So there you have it. Not only did I add my first Scrump to the collection, but I added two, all on the same day!


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