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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Disney at Daiso

I am sure that many of you know about the shop, Daiso. It is a Japanese shop, and in Australia at least, everything that you buy there is $2.80 (though sometimes they have special deals, like buying 4 greeting cards for that price). 

I was quite excited recently, when I went to browse in my local Daiso. As it turns out, Daiso now has a Disney range. That is both amazing and a little dangerous for my wallet... 

I know that the photo may not be very clear, so I will tell you what everything is!

On the very left is a Minnie Mouse laundry net. So, you can put your delicates inside to keep them safe in the washing machine. It has little Minnie head silhouettes all over it, as well as polka dots.

Next to that is a Mickey Mouse mini dustpan and broom. It should be good for cleaning my desk after my cat has finished sleeping on it, and also for keeping my Disney Corner nice and dust free.

Next to that, at the front, is a Minnie Mouse scrunchy. I really like hair accessories. I am not a jewellery wearer, but show me a new cute hair tie, or hair clip, and I will get really excited.

Behind both of those things is my Mickey Mouse fan. It is much like one of those unfoldable paper fans, only it is made of plastic, so if it gets wet, it will not get damaged. It is much more durable.

At the back is a Minnie Mouse bag. It should be pretty handy for shopping. It is made of a plastic material, rather than canvas.

To the right of the bag there is an insulated lunch bag, so that when I am out and about for the day and want to take lunch, I don't have to worry about it going bad!

And behind that, is a matching leisure sheet. That may be a little confusing for English speakers, so I will explain. A leisure sheet is a fold out mat, made out of a thick plastic, that Japanese people use when reserving space for themselves, or when they need to sit on the ground (many people used them at Disneyland to sit on while waiting for the parade). It serves a similar function as a picnic blanket.

Oh, and if you are wondering about that Mickey butt underneath the lunch bag, that is my pencil case that I bought at the Disney Store in Ikebukuro. I just needed to prop up the lunch bag for the photo : )


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