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Thursday, 26 February 2015

The Disney Appreciation Society at Macquarie University

I am very excited. I found out today that my uni has a new Disney Appreciation Society! I am very excited, and I decided to sign up.

It cost $1 for membership, and throughout the year they are going to host events and movie nights. I was told that March will be Cinderella themed (so, they will be watching the animated Cinderella, and then heading over to the movies to watch the new live action). And, it seems at some point there will also be a ball!

I am most excited for meeting lots of people who love Disney as much as me, and being able to talk to them about all things Disney!

Hopefully they will understand why Disney means so much to me.

So, if on the slim chance you are a Macquarie University student reading this, then you should check them out!!!


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