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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Darling Disney Duds: Easter 2015 Edition

Hello everybody!!!

Today in Australia, it is Easter! I think that our way of celebrating Easter is quite similar to the other parts of the world. We exchange chocolate (often in the shape of a bunny, or a bilby) and spend the day with family. Religious people often attend a special Easter mass that is dedicated to thanking Jesus for his sacrifice for us.

In Tokyo Disney Resort, Easter celebrations are in full swing, and that of course means that there is a special Easter parade (and a show at DisneySea too), so I thought that maybe this parade would be the source for our special outfits for the day in Darling Disney Duds: Easter 2015 Edition.

This video was uploaded to YouTube by one of my favourite Disney vloggers, Duffy Channel. If you enjoy her video, please check out her others, because they are all wonderful.

As you can see in the video, each character is wearing their own special Easter outfit. While they are all different, they do share something in common with all the others. Each outfit has bunny ears somewhere (whether in a headband for Pluto, or a cooking cap for Donald), and most of them also have a white, fluffy, bunny tail!

Which outfit was your favourite?


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