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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

私の新しいポーチです。 My New Pouch.






The other day I received a new pouch! It was a free gift that came in a UniBEARsity book that I bought online. It is designed after Pudding, Minnie Mouse's creation. The front is her face, the back has a zipper on it, and it is attached to a line, so that you can wear it on your bag or your belt, and still be able to use it.

It is small, so it is perfect for carrying change in it. At the moment, my USB is inside because it keeps it safe! And, when I go back to Tokyo Disney, I may even use it to keep my ticket in!

When I do go back to Japan next year, I am going to buy the Pudding bear, and lots of outfits for her!


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