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Saturday, 15 August 2015

A Package From YesAsia! イエスアジアのパッケージ!

Today I received a package from YesAsia, and inside were three Disney Fan magazines that I ordered! I wanted to make a post about these ones, as they are very special, and I am very excited to have them.

One of them is a standard Disney Fan Issue, with Ariel on the front cover. 

One of them is the 300th issue of Disney Fan magazine, and it is their 25th anniversary! 

Inside this magazine was a special photo book, and it is so pretty!

And the other is a special edition, dedicated to Disneyland, California's Diamond Celebration! 

It contains a fold out map of the parks at California, and extra post cards (they all come with post cards).

I cannot wait to read them all!


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