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Saturday, 29 November 2014

New Fan Magazines

Well, on Monday my new Disney Fan Magazines arrived. I was at work though, so I had to pick them up on Tuesday, but that is OK : ) It took just over a week for them to arrive after they shipped them, and there was just two weeks between me ordering them, and them arriving. YesAsia so far has not disappointed me!

I am very excited about the Disney Wedding Guidebook. I bet that it is really nice. When I have opened it, and had time to try to read as much of it as I can, I will write a little bit about what it is like, in case anyone else is considering buying one too : )

I am already married, but I absolutely love the Disney Wedding segment in the magazines themselves, so I decided to buy the book! There are a few others I want to get. I am thinking with my next order I will get the Unibearsity book!


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